As humans we are all unique. We see, think and experience all that we engage in our environment in different ways, and in doing so we create new thoughts and ideas that contribute to our world and continue the evolutionary thinking.
This is the reason I followed my passion to become a consultant and coach. I wanted to help others see that the most valuable resource they have access to is their own unique perspectives and experiences in life and the new actions they can take to use this to help others.
Each individual has their own special contribution to make to your life, your business, your team, or your organisation. This is the power in all of us. Helping others let their uniqueness shine and contribute to outcomes that benefit everyone is the second greatest resource you have access to.

So who am I and why am I telling you all this?
My name is Sara Paton and I’m a transformation coach. My aim is to help you unlock that uniqueness in yourself and others around you, enabling greater contribution in your life, not only for yourself but for all of those around you.

I do this through providing
  • Management, Leadership and Team Coaching
    • Providing on the job coaching programs with your management teams in their own environment.
    • Creating value by helping your key resources leverage their own ability to bring out this unique contribution.
  • Life Coaching
    • Providing individuals with one on one coaching sessions, in person or over the phone.
    • Directly supporting individuals to build capacity by helping them tap their unique and unlimited potential.
  • Operational Efficiency Consulting  
    • Identifying both untapped opportunity and waste removal possibilities; accessing the unique skills and knowledge of the individuals already in your business.
    • Providing business operational reviews and designing programs with you that support the efficiency gains identified.
    • Applying coaching principles directly to work management practises to enable continuous improvement.
  • Humanistic Business Operations Programs
    • Providing awareness programs in the human side of business.
    • Exploring the messaging and language spoken by your business through its human resources, and providing opportunities to leverage it.
So if you are looking for support in any of these areas contact me to discuss options and possibilities.

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